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Want an easy fix for weight loss? Try meal prep!

Want an easy fix for weight loss? Try meal prep!

Losing weight can either be the catalyst for a healthier lifestyle or a necessary part of improving one's health. However, people believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenging, expensive, boring and time-consuming task. They usually end up giving up on losing weight because it’s too much effort.

Instead of simply dismissing a healthier lifestyle, we have designed meals that make eating healthy food fun by enjoying what you are eating, and in turn, making losing weight an easier goal that’s more attainable.

Our mission is to deliver the UK community simple and delicious food to stick to their diet while saving their money and time.

What exactly is meal prep?

Meal prep is the method of planning and preparing food. It is also known as meal preparation.

You usually prep meals for one day in advance or set aside to get ready lunch or dinner for the entire week. Most people prepare 1 or 2 meals each day; you can prepare your breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner for the coming week. That depends upon your choice. Meal prep can be a big undertaking, hence why we provide the service for you.

Is meal prep beneficial?

If you did meal preparation correctly, this would be one of the significant essential components of losing weight quickly and reaching your fitness objectives. Meal prep not only saves time because you don’t have to cook as it were once or twice a week and have a healthy meal prepared in minutes each day, but it also makes it easier to keep track of your calorie intake. And no washing up!

Is meal prep difficult?

Meal preparation allows you to enjoy meals for more than a few weeks, and it requires careful planning to ready foodstuff. To help, we've done extensive research and put together meal plans to support weight loss. We focused on delicious home-made recipes, meal preparation by our team of chefs, and flavourful meals to eliminate boredom from eating the same food.

Can meal prep be frozen?

Freezing extra meals is an excellent option if you have left too much food and do not want to spoil it. You can freeze our meals up to 3 months at a time.

How Do You Prepare Meals for Weight Loss?

It will help with any weight loss plan if you know exactly what you're eating and when you're eating it. Furthermore, if you have food prepared for the week on hand, you are less likely to eat out for lunch or order takeout after work, and you are also less likely to snack because the food is right there waiting for you when you are hungry! Additionally, our meal plans are highly customisable. You can easily make your menu according to your diet plans. Plus, we’ll deliver it to your door.

Hopefully, the information mentioned above should have answered all of your questions related to healthy food prep. Our primary objective is to turn your eating habit into a healthy lifestyle. If you'd like to get serious about prep meals for weight loss, feel free to get in contact and our in-house nutrition and fitness experts will be in touch. It will set you on the right track and provide you with the structure you require to meal prep like a champ!